Buying a Piano

Buying a piano

If you can get a copy of The Piano Book by Larry Fine or How to Buy and Good Used Piano by Willard Leverett there is a huge amount of information in these books.   Larry Fines book gives good advice on buying a new or used piano.

 Moving a piano can cost several hundred dollars or more and so it is better to have a piano technician check the piano out first (even if it is a free piano) before buying.  I have seen people bring home pianos that were not tunable or needing major repair.  You really don’t want to do that.

Avoid buying spinets, Besy Ross, Bird Cage, paper roll player pianos, or square grands.  Usually very old pianos (over 50 years old) are likely to need lots of work unless they have already been rebuilt. 

I would be very cautious about buying a piano via the internet.  Chances of getting something that is not even playable are too high.

I do not sell pianos but recommend these local businesses.

Ruggero Piano has a large inventory of new and used pianos of exceptional quality. Ruggero Piano is near the intersection of Capital Blvd and Spring Forest off Spring Forest at 4720 Hargrove Rd.For more information. or call 919 839-2040.

Hopper Piano 1800 Tillery Place Raleigh 919 755 0185

Maus Piano

For other stores in North Carolina goto

I would be very cautious about buying a piano via the internet  (If possible have a local guild member check the piano before purchase  but, these internet resources will give you additional information.